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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

GOP Takes Senate

The Obama Repudiation has gushed America RED.

Our Senate candidates Tom Tillis, Cory Gardner, Joni Ernst, Tom Cotton, and Steve Daines all go to Washington to fix what the Marxist Democrats have done to our nation since 2008. Our Gubernatorial Candidates Rick Snyder in MI and Scott Walker in WI both won.  House candidates Mia Love in the Utah 4th and Dave Brat in the Virginia 7th also will be going to the District of Columbia.

We offer thanks to the voters of the United States who saw the light.  We offer a prayer to our heavenly father for helping us stay the course and shine the light.

As Dr. Mark Levin said yesterday, Tuesday November 4, 2014 on his radio show, our work now only begins afresh, and he referred to Article V Constitutional amendment plans.

Dr. Michael Savage offered a Republican Manifesto as a roadmap for the post-victory retaking of America. Check it out!


Walker's win all part of the Obama Repudiation

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 February 6, 2015 Monday

 HUNU Calls for an End of the Obama Presidency

Obama, Satan's Mouthpiece


Jordanian Pilot awaits death by fire
Jordanian Pilot awaits ISIS death by fire, approved by Obama


Write it down in your calendars, America.  The Obama Presidency is over.

If we do not take steps to remove this man from office, look to this picture of Lt. Kasama: America will die in a cage of flames.  At the helm of our government is an Islamic apologist who is selling our interests out to these hateful people. He sold our own CIA out at Benghazi; he has Alinsky Leftist Jeremy Bird in Israel in attempt to undermine Bibi Netanyahu's leadership there: lClick here for Aaron Klein's report.

The fraudulent President couldn't wait for us to digest the horror of ISIS's latest atrocities, against a Jordania prisoner of war, to start his Taqiyaa--Muslim dog-whistle code for bull-s**t--attack on non-Muslims.

Before the horror has anywhere near subsided in us, this sitting fraud, with his phony birth certificate, his phony Connecticut social security number, and his "foreign student" card from Columbia University has trashed this country since his first day in office.

Hurrah, you Alinsky graduates of the Left; you have succeeded in shoe-horning into the American consciousness a shameless Leftist, Christ-loathing, caucasian-hating half-Black man of color.  You were successful in forcing him down our throats, and you fixed elections in possibly six states to guarantee him another four years.

And you stand by, today, February 6, 2015, proud of Barack Hussein Obama, whose political diatribe unshakeably protects and defends Islam, persistently attacks white Christians and Jews, and jams debt, illegal aliens and Muslim doctrine down the mouths of the American people.  Proudly, my lost brothers and sisters of the Left, do you stand by him.

The Quran states plailnly that apostates and unbelievers deserve to dwell in fire;  2:217, 2:257; 2:75 and others all claim that unbelievers "they are the inmates of the fire."  That makes that death holy, and blessed.  Therefore, the secret Muslim Barack Obama can only support it, and throw salt in the eyes of the outraged people he was "elected" to lead.

Shame on every Christian one of you, shame on every Jew, who is not now as outraged as we are at Hear Us Now USA.

Moath al-Kasasbe was not our friend, perhaps; we don't know if he supported religious freedom, or if he supported Israel over the Palestinian terror onslaught.

But he, in our opinion, and in the opinion of the civilized world, should not have been sent to death in a cage of flames.

Even you, Barack Obama, when your crimes against this country are finally pinned to you, wouldn't deserved what Lt. Kasaba had to endure.  Our God, sir, and our Judeo-Christian faith and values, would call that a sin.

Of course your job as the Mouthpiece of Satan takes you in other directions. We hope, and shortly, that this country will chase you out of the office you defile every day you are in it.


















December 12, 2014, Friday

Landrieu Pearl Harbor Day Loser

Cassidy Channels Voter Rage

Bill Cassidy puts Louisiana on right track

Pearl Harbor Day, December 7, 2014,was not a day of infamy for America. Instead, it was a day of victory for patriots as run-off election voters in Lousiana offered proof-positive that Americans have begun to turn the ship of state away from the Obama course to national self-destruction and chaos. Click for more.











November 5, 2014, Wednesday

Voters Shake Off the Blues

America Wins Senate!

Tell your story walkin', Senator Reid

The REAL America showed up at the polls on Election Tuesday, 2014, and they told Harry Reid to Go to Hell.

They showed up, and they kicked the bejeezus out of the ONE-WORLD MARXISTS who masquerade as American Democrats, those who locked Republicans out of the OBAMAcare a.k.a. Affordable Care Act and jammed that Constitutional Outrage down the throats of the American people on Christmas Eve, 2009, who have covered up the Benghazi attacks, who have stirred up racial hatred in Florida, and Missouri, and who have abetted Islamic Terror through pro-Arab pro-Muslim policies at home and abroad.

Texas, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, even Maryland jumped on the Obama Repudiation Train. Our Senate Candidates Thom Tillis in North Carolina, Tom Cotton in Arkansas, Joni Ernst in Iowa, and Steve Daines all marched into the Winner's Circle yesterday, each with a vision of repairing a greatly damaged Constitution and nation.

Gains in the House of Representatives were not as great as in 2010, but David Brat in the Virginia 7th continued his electorate's renunciation of RINO Republicanism and Democrat Big-Government, One-World Socialism with a landslide victory of challenger Trammel. Mia Love brings a fresh face to the House for the Utah 4th as that body's first Black woman from the Beehive State, and the House of Representatives' first black Republican.

Semper porro, nunquam cedere...............Ever forward, never surrender



October 22, 2014, Wednesday

HUNU to Ebola Troops


American troops were used as Guinea Pigs in the 1950s. We urge the Generals of the Joint Chiefs NOT TO PERMIT THIS TO OCCUR AGAIN. DEFY this President, sirs!

Read our commentary, click here.

 October 17, 2014, Friday

Between the Lines

Hear Us Now USA welcomes radio host and blogger Nancy Astin to fold.

Nancy hails from South Jersey, and is as impassioned about saving America from itself as any patriot could possibly be.

Click here to follow her new column, "Between the Lines".



October 5, 2014, Sunday

MOTWA Winner for week of 10/4/2014

This week's winner is a Prime Minister who thinks recognizing a Palestinian state will end their jihad against Israel.

Stefan Lofven
Vilken idiot

Click here to go to our story!

 He supports the very people who murdered three teenagers this summer, which act launched Israeli Protective Edge. 

He supports these people, who have as immigrants QUADRUPLED his country's violent crime stats...and who, as a people, rape women 20x more than indiginous men do.


 Who is this man?


October 8, 2014, Wednesday

Satire Alert

SardoniCON Reports!

America's First Golfer gets a hole of his own

USGA Creates New Green to Celebrate Nation's Duffer-in-Chief


We can only applaud the USGA for finally honoring the Commander-in-Chief's penchant for a game of golf. This organization has announced the creation of a new green to celebrate the golfing-est American President ever. Click here for our SardoniCON News report.








September 7, 2014, Sunday

Moron of the Week 9/7/14

Believes Islam a Formula for World Peace

We keep thinking a Republican is due to make his or her way into the MOTWA winners' circle. But the Democrat Party's lip-lock on Arab/Muslim cash makes their membership do and say some very moronic things.

This week's winner was the Keynote Speaker at the Islamic Society of North America mini-Mecca in Michigan. He said that adhering to the Quran will doubtlessly bring world peace. Seriously.

Who is this famous moron? Click here!


August 31, 2014, Sunday

Moron of the Week 8/30

No-Strategy Strategy for ISIS

People in the United States can be flip, disinterested, bored, fresh, spoiled. But we are not so far gone as a folk not to recognize pure idiocy. This winner is a world leader, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, who came onto the world stage and stated that he has no strategy to combat ISIS.

Even if true, only a moron would ever admit it. Read more.




August 24, 2014, Sunday

Moron of the Week


This week's MOTWA winner's circle was in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Our winner, a high-ranking official in his state, allowed more than a week of racial unrest after the shooting death of 292-lb, 6'4" 19-year-old Michael Brown, an African American, before he imposed street curfews for epicenter Ferguson, Missouri.</>

Then, he surrendered the police officer to the race-baiters and seething media apologists for Black America in a video message that will live in history as a nadir of pusillanimous political posturing and pandering.

Who is this person? Read more..



Satanic Celebrations

Celebrating a missile attack on a SCHOOL BUS? On TV? Who in God's name would do such a thing?

We'll give you a clue...not the Jews...not the Christians...not the Hindus...not the Sikh...not the Buddhists.

Give up? Read more.