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Montana Dems Chooose Nominee for Senate

Sunday, August 17, 2014--Butte lawmaker and mathematics teacher Amanda Curtis will face Republican Steve Daines of Bozeman for the November 4 showdown to see who will take Max Baucus' old seat.  Senator John Walsh, who resigned from the race in the fallout from his admission of plagiarism at the Army War College in 2007, was appointed to finish Baucus' unexpired term earlier this year. Baucus is currently the ambassador to China.

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August 18, 2014, Monday

We Pick A Winner!

Jeff Johnson to Oppose MN Dem Governor Dayton

After two disappointing losses in Kansas and Tennessee, Hear Us Now USA's endorsed candidate Jeff Johnson found his way into the winner's circle.

On Tuesday, August 12, 2014, Johnson garnered 30% of the Republican vote. Of the three he defeated, Scott Zellers, his closest opponent, Scott Zellers, collected 24%

Governor Mark Dayton cruised to victory over two challengers. He collected 93% of Democrat primary voters.

Johnson, in a Twin Cities Dot Com report, said that he was interesting in ending "this obsession with anger and envy over income differences." He added that he would be searching for solutions that give poor people opportunities to succeed. Celebrating the successful is important in society, he said. But Johnson add that he would "never ever giving up on people who are poor.

Democrats at every level of government have mounted the "Rich versus the Middle Class" mantra. Amanda Curtis, the Montana Democrat nominee, uttered this moments after her selection in a special convention on Saturday, August 17. Dems believe that Americans of middle or median income will identify with a "me-first" strategy of punishing the rich through higher taxes, and by-passing the poor.

We salute Jeff Johnson for attacking that philosophy while under the hot lights of celebration. Click here to go to our Jeff Johnson page!


August 17, 2014, Sunday

Moron of the Week


This week we we found ourselves in Montana.

Our winner, a weekend warrior of three decades and a former Lieutenant Governor, was exposed by the New York Times as a plagiarizer. This person and his staff allowed some Munchhausen-like legends leak to the media, with ultimately terrible consequences for himself and his Party.

Who is this person? Click here.


August 13, 2014,Wednesday

Ballot Confusion
Cantor & Dem. Gov. McAuliffe: Intentional Ballot Confusion

Cantor Clocks Out

So-called "Conservative" Eric Cantor resigns from Congress, and leaves voters with a double-ballot-entry fog of confusion. Hear Us Now USA asks, "why?" Read more.



August 10, 2014, Sunday

Moron of the Week


For our second MOTW Award winner, we found ourselves delving through Texas news items to find one of the strangest affairs in recent memory. Our winner comes from Hempstead Schools Independent District, and is possibly heading for a stretch in prison after firing the district business manager, police chief, and suspending a middle school principal.

The principal's offense was telling students to speak English during classes.


Who is this person? Click here.


August 8, 2014, Friday

Tough Week for Conservatives

Setbacks in Kansas and Tennessee Keep RINOs in D.C.

Well...you can't win them all. Or, in this case, any.

Conservative hopefuls Dr. Milton Wolf in Kansas on Tuesday, and Joe Carr in Tennessee yesterday lost their primary battles to entrenched GOPers Pat Roberts and Lamar Alexander. Pat Roberts's victory in Kansas was hardly a ringing endorsement; the 78-year-old polled 48% of participants in the voting, while Wolf and two other candidates had a combined 51%.

Not much a margin of victory, when one considers Roberts outspent the Wolf campaign 4 to 1. (Click here to watch a KWCH12 Eyewitness News Report with Milton Wolf.)

Joe Carr's margin of defeat was very similar. Senator Lamar Alexander garnered 49% of the vote, to Carr's 40%. Alexander in a Washington Times story (click here) attributed his victory to his deal-making acumen in the Senate, something voters seem to want. Carr, not conciliatory in defeat, vowed to continue the challenge to the GOP's go-along-to-get-along message.

Two things become crystal clear here. One: with the backing of the Tea Party, and of Conservative lights like Mark Levin of the Mark Levin Show, Conservatives will have to raise more money to overtake incumbents. Two: incumbents who outspend challengers 4-1, and still can't corral a clear majority, had better put their ear somewhat closer to the voicemail and read those emails more carefully.

Conservatives need not lose hope, but in Kansas and Tennessee, moseying along the way things have been going seems good enough to quite a few GOP primary voters.


August 2, 2014, Saturday

Moron of the Week

Hear Us Now USA announces its first MOTW award!

HUNU president James A. Bridge said yesterday that acknowledgements are important. Yet in a society that has become dizzy on diversity, we may be heading for a cultural crisis.

"Oscar, Emmy, Pulitzer, Nobel...there are so many ways to celebrate the outstanding humans among us.  But is that really fair to morons?" he said. Bridge added that numerous prizes are awarded annually, but something more often is appropriate given the world pool of significant, even famous people who struggle with simple thought processes and logic. 

Bridge said HUNU's commitment to celebrating morons would narrow what he has called the snob-gap.

"Look, we refuse to ignore stupid famous folks.  Our PC impulse at Hear Us Now USA is to create a buzz about boneheads, so that we have IQ-justice.  Smart, or even supposedly smart folks who win, say, the Nobel Prize--like our President--shouldn't lord it over clear idiots. There is a snob gap, and we at least are doing something about it," he concluded.

Click here to see this week's winner!  This selection honors an American politician of note who thinks Hamas a "humanitarian organization."

Satanic Celebrations

Celebrating a missile attack on a SCHOOL BUS? On TV? Who in God's name would do such a thing?

We'll give you a clue...not the Jews...not the Christians...not the Hindus...not the Sikh...not the Buddhists.

Give up? Click here.

Supreme Court Pummels President

The Supremes could be singing this song for President Obama after the "Hobby Lobby" ruling/rebuke today, June 30, 2014: "Baby, baby--where did our love go?"

The "love" that Chief Justice John Roberts gave his Harvard Law brother in 2012 was the affirmation of the constitutionality of the Affordable Healthcare Act, a.k.a. Obamacare.  There, John Roberts stripped his stripe and voted with the Big Government Libs on the Great Banc of American Law.

Barack Obama
President Obama takes Supreme beating

Now, though, John Roberts came back to earth of The "Hobby Lobby" ruling sends the clear message that privately held

Help Get Andrew Tahmooressi Home

We certainly hope you don't have to be an alleged deserter, or a Guatamalan "orphan" child at the Mexican border to get the Commander-in-Chief off his duff and working on your behalf.  Yet, this certainly seems to be the case when it comes to Andrew Tahmooressi, Sgt. United States Marine Corps.  Andrew, under treatment for PTSD after two tours in Afghanistan, made a wrong turn that took him to a Mexican border crossing--in his possession was a legal handgun.  He has been in Mexican prisons since March of this year.  Please click here to help his mother, Jill, and family raise money to get him out of Mexico.  Call your Congressman ad Senators if you can find the time.  To sign this petition to Congress, click here.