Child Rape in Berlin

Refugee Children Rape A Child


Gerhard Lehrke and Lutz Schnedelbach of the Berliner-Zeitung wrote on September 1, 2018, about one of the most horrifying crimes one could imagine.

Two "refugee" 11-year-olds raped a 10-year-old boy in Uckermark in northeastern Germany during a school trip. (Click here for the article.) 

According to the report, the victim was on a elementary school class trip from Berlin to Uckermark when he was ambushed by two boys. Two eleven-year-olds held the victim down while the perpetrator, called "Sami", orignally from Afghanistan, raped the boy. The week-long trip was entitled "Schoolmates make teams."

The act occurred on June 1st without the knowledge of three accompanying teachers and a handler. The victim suffered in silence for a day, until a friend learned of it and then told a teacher.

The Berliner-Zeitung had a follow-up article (click here) by Martin Klesman on September 18, 2018. The article include an interview with a refugee helper, Gabriele K., who warned the school in Hellersdorf about allowing him to enroll. Gabriele K. was aware of Sami's difficult personal life, his loss of his mother on the way to Europe across the Aegean. Gabriele K, Klesman wrote, that Sami needed therapy that was not approved for the over-aggressive Afghani child.


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